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Bag's Accessories

We know how important accessories are in the realization of Brand projects. A buckle, a ring, badge,logo,zip puller, these “accessories” are often responsible for the success of a model.
The perfect accessory is born from the combination of the designer’s ideas and a professional and flexible production. Thaiframe has been working more than 30 years in the production, design and distribution of metal accessories in the fashion industry; their simple structure allows to follow the fashion designer in the planning stage, answering the needs and contributing with their experience to the feasibility of the economic and qualitative aspect of the piece.

Special Designs

We develop contemporary design work and manufacturing skills for fashion products and accessories. This includes bags, luggage, and small accessories like belts, buckles, cuff-link, pin, badges, metal logo, zip puller, wallets and travel goods, specializing in metal and leather.

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